Bilbao says three times “YES”!

During the night of 13th of August “Bilbao Web Fest” has announced it’s nominees. “Talking to Grandma” web series got 3 nominations!!! Check it out!

“Bilbao Web Fest” is a web series celebration in Bilbao (Spain) with the best panels, international industry judges and over 40 awards, providing a lot of opportunities for filmmakers, including press contact, distribution deals and in-kind prizes. It will take place between 26 and 29th of October.

“Talking to Grandma” web series is nominated in 3 categories: “Top Amets” (best web series), “Startlet Amets” (best actress, Maria Broniewska) and “Orignal Amets” (most original web series).

During the festival there will be a screening of our Episode no. 4 “Cookie monster”, that tells a story about Grandma and too much sweets. You can watch it here:


New episodes coming in September at:!