Maria Broniewska wins Starlet Amets at Bilbao Web Fest!

startlet amets maria broniewska bilbao web festOn 29th of October during the Award ceremony at Guggenheim Museum Maria Broniewska won the Award of Startlet Amets (Best Actress between Amets selections). Ula Zawadzka thanked the jury and the audience on her behalf.

Maria Broeniwska graduated in 1956 from the National Acting School in Warsaw. Sheaward bilbao web fest talking to grandma maria broniewska played in many Warsaw theaters inter alia:  Teatr Młodej Warszawy, Teatr Klasyczny and Teatr Studio. She is a daughter of a writer and actress Maria Zarębińska and stepdaughter of a famous Polish poet Władysław Broniewski, a wife of journalist, scriptwriter and film critic Lech Pijanowski, a mother of journalist, tv presenter, producer Wojciech Pijanowski and mother of cinematographer, producer Tomasz Pijanowski. She is probably the eldest actress awarded on a Web Festival.

The Amets selection consists of 50 series that have  a high quality standard and have several characteristics that make them a must-see for the web series lovers.