Season finale coming soon!

episode 10 talking to grandmaOn 19th of October there will be a premiere of the 10th episode, the last one from 1st season of “Talking to Grandma” web series. It might be our last meeting so don’t miss it!

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‘Talking to Grandma’ is a dark-humored web series based on a “what if” scenario: what if the Granddaughter was always telling the truth when talking to her Grandma. It’s inspired by real-life conversations between actress Ula Zawadzka and her grandmother. PS. Don’t try this at home.

Awarded as “Best Sketch Comedy” at KWebfest festival (South Korea) and “Starlet Amets” (“Best Actress in Amets” for Maria Broniewska) at Bilbao Web Fest (Spain). Nominated in 6 categories and screened at 5 web series festivals on 4 different continents!