“Talking..” is 33rd best web series in the World!

“Talking to Grandma” has 33rd place out of 270 awarded, nominated, selected web series around the world! Remember we applied only to chosen festivals so the outcome is pretty impressive! We would like to continue our adventure at the web fests in the coming year!

Ranking “Web Series World Cup” was founded 2015 roku by Joël Bassaget, who lives in Berlin where he writes scripts for television. Passionnate about new writing and independant production, he observes, analyses, criticizes and catalogues the web series from around the world. Journalist and consultant, he created the blog Web Series Mag on Liberation.fr and chronicles web fictions for french-speaking medias. “Web Series World Cup” ranks the best Web Series competing in the best Webfests around the world: Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Vancouver, Miami, Washington, Ustica, Berlin, Austin, Marseille, London, Bilbao, Seoul, Valencia, Montreal and Rio de Janeiro.

The ranking can still change after Rio Web Fest in December, where Ula Zawadzka is nominated for “Best Female Performance in Comedy”.

Meantime keep you fingers crossed and vote for “Talking to Grandma” in a competition for People’s Choice Awards RioWebfest 2016: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIDjuliL7pyLGspLd4lS7bKAB8mACLcRhAxGcNk1FoobXRig/viewform?c=0&w=1
You can vote many times!!!

talking to grandma web series world cup