“Talking to Grandma” wins the “Best Sketch Comedy” Award!

award-kwebfest-talking-to-grandmaOn 20th of August “Talking to Grandma” won at Kwebfest festival (South Korea) an Award for “Best Sketch Comedy”. Meredith Burkholder, the founder of Web Fest Berlin handed the award to Ula Zawadzka, main creator of the web series.

“KWebfest” festival took place between 18 and 22nd of August in Seoul in South Korea, were 110 web series got officially selected form around the globe. “Talking to Grandma” web series was additionaly nominated for “Best Music”, composed by Michał Woźniak.

ula-zawadzka-award-kwebfestDuring the festival 2 episodes from the series were screened. For Episode 4 “Cookie monster” it was a world premiere. The other one, Ep. 7 “Phone book” was screened befor at “New Media Film Festival” in Los Angeles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe8FPXKXn3k). Subtitles were translated by the organiser into Korean language. Episodes were screened in two groups: “Programmers choice” and “Best Sketch Comedy”. KWebfest is also an official distributor of “Talking to Grandma” web series in Asia.

New episodes coming in September!

Video coverage from KWebfest festival: