Where did the idea for the web series come from?

talking to grandma real grandma ula zawadzkaUla Zawadzka: As far as I remember I looked at my grandparents as ‘one’. They were going everywhere together and they mutualy cared about each other. My grandfather was a handyman and my grandmother took care of the house. We saw each other at the family gatherings only. Everything has changed when my grandfather died. One day before his death he asked me at the hospital to take care of the grandma. At that moment I did not expect that I would be our last conversation.

Grandma was left alone and I started to visit her more often trying to get to know her as a single person and not as a team with my grandpa. We have recognized quickly that even that we are 54 years apart we have the same concerns (for example ponds pain) and sense of humor. Family was often laughing over our talks so slowly I started writing them down and this is how the script of ‘Talking to Grandma’ series have came into existence.