Why are we making this web series ?

talking to grandma ula zawadzkaI would like to show people how important are the relations between close relatives, especially with the elder ones. In ‘Talking to Grandma’ web series the most important thing is finding the common language with the generation of our grandparents. Empathy with the elders that is not based on the compassion or the obligation but on understanding and common grounds. I am convinced that it is much better to laugh than to cry at your own fate that is awfully difficult in the age of eighty. We are encouraging people to truely talk to their grandmother and grandfather and not depriving this conversations of humor – said Ula Zawadzka.

I am also an actress and I would like to fullfill myself in the creative way. It’s not always possible in our occupation beacuse not everything depends on us. Besides if we create are own projects we have more influance on our career and what we do in our free time.