World Premiere of ‘Talking to Grandma’ in Los Angeles!

new media film festival talking to grandma‘Talking to Grandma’ web series has officially qualified to the ‘New Media Film Festival’ competition, which will take place between June 7th and 9th in Los Angles, USA.

‘New Media Festival’ is focusing on developing new media and has now up to 20 categories including digital comic, 3D, drons, mobile content or virtual reality. From the beginning of 2010 the festival organizers are introducing innovative ideas and reveal to the public the stories that are worth telling. Jury consists of the representatives from such institutions like: Marvel, Oscars, Emmys, HBO, SAG-AFTRA or Grammys. The value of the main prizes is estimated to $ 45 000.

During the festival the 7th  episode of ‘Talking to Grandma’ web series called ‘Phone Book’ will be screened. It tells a story about updating Grandma’s phone book on her mobile phone. The Internet premiere of this episode was set up for June 9th this year !

We invite you to watch first five episodes of the series which are now available on this website. Please subscribe also to our YouTube channel:, as well as to our Facebook fanpage: